The Law

When it comes to the law with tyres, you need to know the rules of you could risk not only invalidating your car insurance policy, but you could get a large fine! Driving with an illegal tyre also puts lives at risk, not only of the driver and passengers of your vehicle, but of the public also.

When a tyre is fitted to a motor vehicle (this includes trailers) it must be “fit for purpose”. This means that a tyre must:

“be compatible with the types of tyres fitted to the other wheels”

“not have any lump, bulge or tear caused by separation or partial failure of the structure.”

“not have a cut or tear in excess of 25mm or 10% of the sectional width of the tyre, whichever is the greater, and which is deep enough to reach the ply or cord.”

“not have any part of the ply or cord exposed”

You must also make sure that the tyres are correctly inflated – following the manufacturer’s recommended pressure for your load. If you are unsure, of the rules or if your tyre is suitable, contact your nearest garage or tyre specialist.