What is a Commercial Carport and Why do you Need One?

Posted on August 14, 2019 at 11:48 am

More businesses are providing facilities for their staff such as carports, bike storage, covered parking etc. – they know that protecting their staff’s vehicles is important. People want to go into work feeling that they can safely leave the vehicles in the car parks or surrounding areas, and they want the reassurance that the company they work for is on board with this. Commercial carports are one of the way businesses can provide that little added extra for their employees, giving them ultimate peace of mind that cars will be well looked after in the office car park, and making them happy to go back to them at the end of the day.

What are the reasons behind investing in a commercial carport for your company?

If you are a business owner thinking about buying some added extras for your business, a carport is a good investment. These are some of the reasons why:

·     It makes cars a more comfortable temperature. It will help to keep ice off cars in winter and will help keep the sun off cars in summer. All in all, a carport can make vehicles a more consistent temperature all year round.

·     It can be used for a variety of vehicles, as well as for bikes. Use the carport however you like.

·     Protection for company cars. If you have a fleet of vehicles that are used for business, a carport can provide additional protection for them, especially if you keep them in the car park overnight due to a lack of storage space.

·     They’re very good value. Commercial carports can be significantly cheaper than garages or covered parking. They can be erected after a car park or parking area has been built, giving you the flexibility to choose how and when you use them.

All of these reasons put together add up to make happier members of staff, who will be pleased to have that additional protection for the vehicles when at work.

Some important features of commercial carports

Commercial carports have some clever inbuilt features to benefit all vehicles. These include:

·     The option of toughened safety glass to deal with harsh weather conditions

·     Freestanding design, or attached to a building for extra support

·     No sides for good ventilation

·     A variety of sizes to choose from, including different widths to accommodate different vehicles

·     Guttering to direct water away from the carport and prevent flooding

There are various other features that you will be able to specify. You can also choose from various sizes to make sure you find measurements that will suit your business and premises. If you have questions about commercial carports, ask a supplier and see if they can come and measure up for you. If they consult with you at your premises and see it for themselves, they can get a better understanding of what will work well for you. Trust the experts in the industry when it comes to commercial carports, their safety and the features they employ.

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