How do you Know if your Car Needs Maintenance?

Posted on June 28, 2019 at 11:06 pm

Cars need a certain degree of maintenance in order to make them safe to drive. They will need to be kept in good general condition, meeting the standards set out by law. But cars don’t need a service by law, and a service can help you identify any issues with your car and ensure that you don’t have any advisories before your MOT.

You should perform regular general safety checks on your car to make sure all is performing as expected. You can also be aware as a driver – listen out for differences in the engine and different noises when driving. A scraping or grating sound the is coming from below the car is probably related to the tyres and could signal quite a big problem. You may need to change the tyres or, if not this, then you might need a new bearing or may need to pump up your tyres.

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