Let’s Discuss: Naming Your Car

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to personally name their cars. Most people go for something that corresponds with the make of the car, for example, Pippa for a Peugeot, Minnie for a Mini etc. But why are people doing this?

Drivers all suffer from something known as road rage, if they tell you they don’t then they’re lying. By naming your car it simply gives you someone to blame, it gives you someone to moan to about other people. You don’t feel as crazy when you’re talking to your car for some reason.

If you’re wondering if you should name your car, well simply you don’t have to. Some people like to so it becomes more personal to them, but not everyone understands the reason for naming your car. So don’t worry if you don’t want to, you can still love your car just as much without it having a name.